Santa Fe Motel & Inn – Santa Fe NM


Each guestroom has an assortment of exercise equipment including a yoga mat, roller, resistance and tension bands, balance board and weight ball. Exercise and stretch in the privacy of your guestroom.


Foam roller and yoga matt

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are great biking and hiking trails around Santa Fe. Google the Dale Ball Trail System, Santa Fe Rail Trail, Winsor Trail and Chamisa Trail.

We are only a couple of blocks from the dog-friendly Railyard park which is perfect for a casual walk with or without a dog.

Remember you are at 7,000’ above sea level. Depending on your physical condition, you may want to moderate your activity level. It’s also a good idea to drink a lot of water.



Yoga Source: 901 W San Mateo Rd, Santa Fe 505-982-0990 (2.2 mi)

BODY by Nature: 333 W Cordova, Santa Fe 505-986-0362 (1.1 mi)



Railyard Fitness: 703 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe 505-983-7909 (0.6 mi)

Santa Fe Spa Fitness Club: 786 Calle Mejia, Santa Fe 505-984-8727 (1.7 mi)

Tiger Barre: 312 Montezuma Avenue Santa Fe (0.2 mi)



Body by Nature: 314 S Guadalupe, Santa Fe 505-982-0990 (0.4 mi)

Ten Thousand Waves: 21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, Santa Fe 505-982-9304 (4.7 mi)

High Desert Health: 644 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe 505-984-8830 (1.2 mi)